Volvo Cars Safety Innovations

Volvo Cars Puts an Emphasis on Safety So You Can Focus On Something Else

Volvo has been leading the charge in safer driving for nearly 90 years, always improving technology, pushing for safer cars and safer roads for everyone. Volvo's vision for the future envisions a roadscape where no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by the year 2020. In its cars, Volvo makes use of technology and innovation to create a safer road for you, the driver, and everyone else on it. Using active and passive safety systems, Volvo and its IntelliSafe technologies support better driving habits and have your back when something goes amiss.

Innovative Safety Technologies that Keep You Safer on the Road:

The IntelliSafe Technologies are many, both standard and available, delivering unparalleled levels of protection and safety to Volvo drivers. Here we're going to explore some of them so drivers from the Palm Beaches area can get a better idea of what makes Volvo such a great choice:

  • The Humble Three-Point Safety Belt: If you enjoy the safety offerings of a three-point seat belt, you have Volvo innovations to thank. Designed by Volvo in 1959, the belt has saved thousands and thousands of lives, and it's just the start to Volvo safety.
  • Air Bags: Volvo has been a pioneer of the airbag, and it's recently unveiled a new innovation: the pedestrian airbag. We're used to airbags protecting us inside the vehicle during a crash, but with the pedestrian airbag, an inflatable extends outside the vehicle to cover the windscreen during a collision and raise the hood ever-so-slightly. The intent is to protect pedestrians in the event of a collision, with the raised hood serving to cushion any falls and protect the engine inside from further damage.
  • Volvo City Safety: The Volvo City Safety refers to the auto-brake technologies inside your vehicle, which are active at speeds up to 30 mph, but not below 2 mph, and they encompass a suite of different available features that work together to create a safer roadway, a lot like having a co-pilot to watch your back out there:
    • Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian, Vehicle, & Cyclist Detection: This system uses bumper-mounted sensors and a rearview mirror-mounted camera to determine if a vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist is in the predicted path of the vehicle; it will warn the driver, but if no response or reaction is detected, the system can apply full braking power, able to bring the vehicle to a stop at low speeds and greatly slowing it at higher speeds.
  • Automatic Intersection Braking: This system is a global first, and it protects from one of the most frightening, common, and damaging accidents out there; if the system detects you're about to turn into oncoming traffic, as sometimes happens with left turns, it will throw the brakes for you, either reducing the severity of impact or maybe even avoiding it entirely.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: An effortless, enjoyable drive is always within reach thanks to this helpful Volvo system. In conjunction with Pilot Assist, at speeds below about 31 mph, this system uses radar to maintain a safe following distance to the vehicle in front of you, slowing with traffic, then bringing you safely back to your originally set speed when traffic picks up again.

  • 360° Surround View Camera: Parking is made a whole lot easier with this bird's-eye viewnof your vehicle. Using body-mounted cameras to digitally stitch together a 360° view of your vehicle, you can see all obstacles around you, making it easier to get around a tightly packed parking lot without any little bumps or bangs.
  • Driver Alert Control: Drivers falling asleep at the wheel can lead to a huge accident, so this system works to prevent just that. If you're getting drowsy or inattentive, the system will prompt you to take a break, even suggesting places for you to stop.
  • Lane Keeping Aid: Using sensors that read the designated lane markings on the road, if this system detects you drifting from your lane without a signal, it'll provide gentle steering inputs to bring you safely back into the confines of your own lane.
  • Active High Beam Control: High beams are great for improving nighttime visibility, but we all know how difficult it can be on the receiving end of an inconsiderate driver's high-beams, which is what this system is designed to avoid. Drive with your high beams on and don't worry about being considerate, because this system can detect oncoming vehicles and shade the light accordingly!
  • Blind Spot Information System: Change lanes with confidence using this helpful system. It'll alert you to vehicles in your blind spot if you signal a lane change, allowing you to pick the safest time to change and helping you avoid any "uh-oh" moments on the highway.
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